Call for Papers

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The conference committee invites submissions of both applied and theoretical research, as well as application-oriented papers on all topics related to KSEM. For KSEM 2024, we are particularly focused on the theme of applied knowledge science and engineering in networking and cybersecurity, which includes the use of large language models (LLM). Submissions are not limited to these topics, and we welcome contributions across a broad range of areas, as detailed below:

Knowledge Science

• Knowledge representation and reasoning
• Formal analysis of knowledge; reasoning about knowledge
• Knowledge complexity and knowledge metrics
• Uncertainty in knowledge (randomness, fuzziness, roughness, vagueness)
• Knowledge fusion for decision making
• Formal ontologies
• Reasoning about knowledge in the presence of inconsistency, incompleteness and context-dependency
• Belief propagation, revision and aggregation
• Cognitive foundations of knowledge
• Integration of machine learning and knowledge representation
• Knowledge-driven learning
• Knowledge for cognitive robotics
• Knowledge for cognitive analytics
• Knowledge in complex systems (e.g. manufacture assembling, economical and quantum systems)
• Game-theoretical aspects of knowledge; knowledge in multi-agent systems

Knowledge Engineering

• Knowledge modeling
• Knowledge acquisition, such as knowledge modules, temporal knowledge, etc.
• Knowledge extraction from texts/videos, big data/Web
• Knowledge discovery from very large databases
• Knowledge integration
• Knowledge-based software engineering
• Knowledge-based systems in life sciences
• Knowledge-based systems for smart homes
• Conceptual modeling in knowledge-based systems
• Semantic database systems
• Semantic Web: Content and ontological engineering
• Knowledge engineering applications
• Knowledge modeling for digital twins
• Knowledge-based system for Chatbot
• Knowledge-based system and Large Language Models (LLMs)

Knowledge Management

• Knowledge management best practices and applications
• Knowledge verification and validation (e.g. Blockchain)
• Knowledge protection and attack detection
• Knowledge-Based Systems in Cybersecurity Threat Detection and Intelligent Decision-Making
• Smart knowledge and resource optimization
• Knowledge dissemination
• Knowledge management systems
• Knowledge and data integration
• Knowledge adaptation

Knowledge Graphs

• Knowledge graph storage and management
• Probabilistic knowledge graphs
• Knowledge graph construction
• Knowledge graph query
• Learning on knowledge graphs
• Knowledge graph embedding
• Knowledge graph completion
• Multi-modal knowledge graphs
• Knowledge graph applications
• Deep graph neural networks

Special Sessions


Joint Event: Doctoral Colloquium

The host university also hosts a Doctoral Colloquium (DC) in conjunction with the main KSEM 2024 conference. Calling all promising Ph.D. candidates! Showcase your groundbreaking research and join us at the Ph.D. Colloquium to exchange ideas, gain valuable insights, and network with peers and experts in your field. For more details, please visit the website: or

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